• Phys Ed. Rules and Regulations


    Anna L. Klein School Physical Education/Health Policy and Procedures

    The Physical Education Program at Anna L. Klein consists of the following:

    1. Class consists of a 60 minute period and will rotate on the A, B, C, D days for Grades 5-8. There will be some weeks were some classes will have P.E. two times in a week. 
    2. Each student is expected to fully participate on all areas, demonstrate knowledge of correct classroom procedures, skill technique, and skill of play.
    3. Students are to be prepared at all times with the correct Phys. Ed. Uniform. The uniform consists of:

    -   A gold t-shirt the school emblem on it.

    -   Blue sweat pants with the school emblem. (Plain Blue or Black athletic shorts are allowed during the months of September, May, and June)

    -  Sneakers

    -  Jeans, Stretch pants, Slacks, Skirts or Dresses, Shoes, Boots, or Sandals, Jean shorts are NOT PERMITTED.


    Students are not permitted to do the following:

    -Wear rings, watches, bracelets, or loose hanging earrings during class.

    -Gum chewing.

    -Take out any equipment without permission.

    - Running up/down the gym stairs, also running through the gym doors.

    1. Students are only excused from participating with a note from a doctor, or a note from the school nurse.
    1. Grading Policies:

    Grades 5-8 will be receiving a number grade with 100 being the highest.

    1. Students will lose points for the following:

    -   Loses 5 points if comes to class un-prepared (Strictly Gym Uniform and sneakers, the only acceptable exception are plain navy blue sweatpants without any logos or stripes etc.)

    -   Loses 2 points if comes to class late.

    -   Does not participate and follow the rules of class.

    -   Being a behavior problem, either verbally or physically with another student, or a teacher. The amount of points lost is subjective to the teacher.