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Speech & Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language?


Speech & Language 

Language is a code or system of symbols used to express concepts formed through exposure and experience (Bloom & Lahey, 1978).  Language is comprised of expressive and receptive capabilities. 

  • Expressive language is the ability to combine words, obtain and expand vocabulary and use language appropriately given the social context.
  • Receptive language is the ability to understand or process spoken information. 

Speech is the production of language. How you form phonemes with your articulators (lips, tongue & teeth). Speech concentrates on how you say words correctly in order for your listener to understand. 

Speech refers to the actual production of sounds, whereas language refers to the understanding of words and the ability to combine words together to communicate ideas. 

Fluency refers to the flow of speech. Deficits in fluency may involve stuttering. Stuttering refers to the disruption in the flow of speech which may be characterized by repetitions (st-st-st-stuttering) or prolonged sounds and syllables (sssssstuttering).

Resonance or voice includes the pitch, volume or quality of voice. A speech problem invovling resonance may cause distraction from the communicators message and may cause physical discomfort.