• Hello my name is Ivan Hecht and I am your child's Character Education teacher. When people meet me they ask me what is Character Education. In simple words, character education is education that nurtures and promotes the ethical, intellectual, social and emotional development of individuals. It is a continuous learning process that enables young people and adults to become moral, caring, critical, responsible individuals.

    Character education represents a relationship between knowledge, values and skills necessary for success in life. By knowledge, we refer to two kinds of knowledge: a) general knowledge; that is, knowledge that encompasses a wide subject range and b) specialised knowledge obtained via extensive reading and training in a particular area or field of studies. Values, on the other hand, are the beliefs and moral codes of a person or a society about what is good and bad which tend to influence attitudes and behaviours. Lastly, skills – or better life skills – are the abilities that individuals possess acquired via teaching, training, or direct experience that enable them to cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life.