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Anna L. Klein School

Phone: 201-861-3100
301 69th St Guttenberg, NJ 07093

Fax: 201-861-5367


The first public school in Guttenberg, New Jersey was founded in 1871. The physical structure consisted of two stories and a basement with four classrooms. In 1900, the voters

image of Anna L Klein school
 authorized to build a new schoolhouse where the play-ground area now stands. This building temporarily relieved the overcrowding and the two subsequent extensions were constructed in 1909 and 1928.

The namesake of the school, Anna L. Klein, served as principal from 1928 until 1952. The townspeople, namely the local V.F.W., petitioned the Board of Education to change the school's name from Guttenberg Public School to its present title. At a special Board Meeting on October 23, 1952, the name was formally changed to "Anna L. Klein

In the past twenty-three years, the school has undergone many renovations. In 1995 – 1996 an extension was constructed to include a music room, an art room, a new computer room and ten classrooms. In 2001 – 2002 two new pre – kindergarten rooms were built to house the district’s four-year old classes. Most recently, a joint venture between the school district and the municipality helped to create an addition that consists of thirteen classrooms, a state of the art STEM Lab, and a new gymnasium that will also be utilized or assemblies, programs, and graduations.

Today, the Anna L. Klein School enrolls approximately one thousand students from pre –kindergarten to grade eight.